"Adventures of Yuma"

Yuma is an oddball in her town, always making trouble and neglecting her chores. This turns around when she dreams of her long lost mother and a tunic knitted specially for her. After that revelation, strange things start to happen around her and she unravels powers unknown to her till that day. Thus begins her adventure to find out the origin of her powers, her mother.


Most is based in the Wayuu tribe tradition of "knitting stories". Each piece made by the women of the tribe represent their culture (such as mythology and cosmogony), each piece have knitted patterns that symbolize things as life, death, the universe, animals, people and actions. The are very protective of their legacy as it is their true history, not legends or myths.

The general idea for the show would be to show different myths in latinamerica as episodes, as Yuma crosses paths with people and landmarks. Each myth is lived by her, making it true and knitting itself into her tunic, and adding powers for her so she can spread the word afterwards, and the story can live on.