Original Sketch


Commission for Cusica HQ in Caracas.

The idea was to make the wall interactive. Each character is a metaphor or pun for the name of a Venezuelan music band. So far, it has worked fine! People spend time guessing which is which. As a good friend of the office, they invite me to the concerts they hold there. Each new band gets a new character in the wall so they can be part of Cusica's family tree.

Wall in "Fiesta de la Cusica" Concert, with Pakalolo band

Wall in "Fiesta de la Cusica" Concert, with Recordatorio, One Chot, Laura Guevara & Jose Ignacio Benítez

Making Of

Photos & Video by Esperanza Arcella

Painted with the help of Maria Fernanda Burbano, Amabella, Esperanza and the support of Cusica Team!
Song by Gaelica